Supervised Visitations & Monitored Custodial Exchanges

Since December of 2014, Doray Psychological Services, PLLC has been offering Supervised Visitation services for Central Arkansas. We are a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) and provide services for families during or after a divorce/separation where a child(ren) may be adversely affected. The services include supervised visitation between a child(ren) and their non-residential parent and monitored custodial exchanges between parents. We feel that these services are needed to make sure that the children maintain contact with mom and dad in the divorce/separation process. These services also provide safe and healthy interactive environments for parents and children to have visits or custodial exchanges. These services include:

Supportive (Supervised) Visitations

Referrals generally come from the Domestic Relations / Family Court system. Supportive Visitations are needed primarily in child custody cases where one parent has a history of unhealthy behaviors toward the other parent and/or child(ren). What we offer: The visitation is conducted in a neutral setting where everyone’s first concern is the child. Parents are separated and will NOT have an opportunity to be in the same room. Only staff with specialized training will facilitate these visitations.

Monitored/Neutral Exchanges

Monitored Exchanges may be needed when parents share custody (visitation or shared physical custody). Many parents find it difficult to coordinate exchanges. Parents often make the exchange at a police station or parking lot of a store. Some parents will use a friend or relative to take their place at the exchange. However, these settings may not be the best or the most comfortable place for the child. We offer an exchange that is conducted in a neutral setting where everyone’s first concern is the child. Parents are separated and will not have an opportunity to be in the same room including separate waiting rooms. The exchanges are supervised and performed by staff with specialized training that will document the exchange.

For more information about supervised visitation services, please visit this resource on the SVN website by clicking here.

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